Applications and Solutions

  • Critical safety and control valves for fuel, water, and steam applications
  • Heat exchangers for fuel gas heating, lube oil and rotor air cooling
  • Filter separators and knockout drums for fuel gas conditioning
  • Process instrumentation for pressure, temperature and flow monitoring
  • Design and manufacture of process instrumentation panels for fuel gas, pilot and main gas supply, Syngas supply, high load fuel purge, nitrogen purge, over fuel protection, instrument air, inlet guide vane force monitoring panels and more
  • Specialty design, manufacture and refurbishment of custom skidded systems including wet compression, fuel oil water injection (FOWI), compressor blade wash, hydraulic bearing lift oil skid, hydraulic clearance optimization, pumps and flow control packages for feed water, deaeration, water injection, wet compression and compressor blade wash
  • Distribution and project bundling services for: instrumentation, fittings, valves, actuation, hardware, switches, gauges, transmitters, orifice plates, sight windows, and other miscellaneous apparatus.
  • Flow meters and orifice plates for flow measurement of steam, water, oil and gas systems
  • Machining, manufacturing and assembly of miscellaneous parts and components




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